Internal Advertising

  1. Reaping What You Sow with Your Email List

Referring to your home base is a great way to begin the process of growth with internal marketing. It’s key to start with an already developed mailing list and grow from there; always remember to start at the foundation and as the old saying goes, “Helping others begins at home.” It would be a keen idea to start with contacts which are already in your email list, talk and communicate with them, which does sound very nice but what would a professional talk about? That’s a lovely question and here is what I would personally recommend speaking upon to your already established clients. I would email them about the importance of teeth whitening, appropriate oral hygiene and so on; kind of like fun facts for your patients to take into consideration each week or at least twice a month. Remember not to go completely overboard with the facts because emailing too much can and most definitely look like spam. It’s also significant to make your patients feel as though they are a part of something. For example, when you email your clients remember to only cover one topic each month. Now, let’s say you email your patients about root canals, make sure you offer out a limited time offer in regards to getting them to ring into your office. Always make your established patients feel as though they are on a team with the dentistry office, making them feel as though they are a part of something phenomenal each month. That type of behavioural pattern will definitely keep and gain customers.


  1. Searching for Recommendations

Let’s all admit, asking for referrals can a lot of the times be so awkward and embarrassing and if you’re not careful, you will come off as trying to use your patients as a stepping stone; one of the best ways to drop patients and keep new patients from visiting your dentistry office. Keep in mind that people will most definitely talk outside your office. What would be a great technique to gain new patients through referrals? Believe me, it can feel so confusing trying to come up with professional ways to go about the referral process, but here is what I would personally recommend. Let me start by asking you this question. Let’s turn the tables a little bit here and pretend that you’re a patient somewhere and your doctor asked you for a referral; kind of like a dry referral with nothing to be given back to you? Would be encouraged to refer your friends and family to your doctor? Let’s all be honest here. Every single one of us loves to get something back in return, correct? Well, you should treat your patients like that; award them for their voice and dedication of referring their friends and family members to you. Say for instance, after a cleaning you hand them their typical “goodie” bag, make sure you have a referral flyer in the bag. You could have something printed that would implement a discount for every referral they give. People all over are ten times more driven to help you out when they can benefit from a specific service themselves; remember that.


  1. Implementing Pictures

How would implementing pictures from your professional dentistry practice help your business? That’s a very great question and a lot of new dentists tend to overlook this clever marketing technique when first starting their practice because when fresh and new inside the dentistry world, most professionals will not have such elements like before and after pictures, but here is what I recommend. Before you open your office, print out some before and after shots from free photo sites such as and print some amazing before and after shots of teeth whitening, root canals, fillings, and so on; just basic dentistry procedures and have them laminated for that extra element of expertise. Make sure you absolutely line the waiting room walls with these types of photos, as this technique will ensure your patients that the services offered are genuine and professional. It’s a key known fact that most people are visual learners and will tend to trust situations and services a lot better when there are photos to look at, comparing and judging against. Make sure you also organize each photo that you have in a column throughout your walls. For instance, have a specific line for teeth whitening, a specific line for crowns and so on, as this type of organizational method will appear more controlled and professional.


  1. Implementing Instruction and Enthusiasm

Another great technique that you should take into consideration is to have a TV in your waiting area, usually a modern flat screen installed to the waiting room wall, where your patients can sit and watch a moving visual of the importance of contemporary beautifying dentistry. This type of technique works significantly as a distraction if some of your patients happen to be nervous or even wondering why the dentistry profession is so important. When your patients can see how content, vigorous, and attractive their smiles can be and not only that but how gorgeous teeth can alter a person’s life in regards to ultimate cheerfulness and better relationships, this will plant that seed of determination for your patients to strive for overall, better oral hygiene.


  1. Ringing In

It’s very significant to call your patients or their families after they’ve had a procedure at your office. For example, if you had to put one of your patients asleep while filling a cavity, a few hours after they have checked out, have your receptionist give them or their family a little ring in to implement a basic checkup on how they are feeling and if the anesthesia has worn off successfully. You will also want to ask if there are any issues arising and so forth because when you and your dentistry staff show this type of caring behavioural patterns, that will let your patients know they will always be in considerate hands and that your hospitality extends out from the office setting. Why would this be so important? Well, keep in mind that people do talk outside of the office and whatever your patients converse to their friends and family could mean if your dentistry business will either gain or lose potential new patients.

External Advertising

Unbelievably, but your dentistry practice can actually go quite a long way with just the referral basis only, but eventually you will need to implement some authoritative external marketing techniques and keep in mind that ultimately, you and your dentistry staff will need to focus more on ways to reach the people who actually need, want, and overall can afford the type of dentistry you and your staff will want to deliver to the general public.


  1. Press Usage

It will be a wonderful idea to send consistent press releases to all electronic, as well print media positioned inside your general areas in regards to helping focus some public attention upon your dentistry in general, as well your own business to begin with. One of the most intelligent moves you as a professional can do is to go out and purchase a fax software for your office that will fundamentally store all and every number of all editors, as well media outlets positioned within your area. Why would this be so necessary? Well, this type of technique would be very valuable simply because once your release is written, all a person would need to do is press a button to send it out automatically in whichever areas desired. Keep in mind that by implementing the usage of press releases, you are increasing your name’s acknowledgment within the community, as well it’s quite the low-cost way to build a professional position and increase more patients for your practice.


  1.    Creating an Operative Mailer

Keep in mind that unless you are an experienced copywriter, it would be of greatest interest to hire an agency to assist you with this type of advertising technique because a nicely developed, as well professionally equipped mailing piece can most definitely be used for years upon years and please take into consideration that you absolutely do not need to have a high reply frequency for this type of marketing method to fundamentally pay off. Unbelievably, but even less than one percent can be quite lucrative and we all know how small less than one percent can be. You will need to start out extra safe at first, so here is what I would personally recommend doing. Begin the process with a low-priced postcard mailing organization and please do not be disheartened if the technique doesn’t go very well at first. The key component that you must remember is that recurrence is quite vital with advertising and you may only have to try two or three diverse types of cards until you get the one which brings in a decent reply from the public. Remember, if you ask an agency, which is a great idea; so, if you ask an agency to design your mailing elements, they will nine times out of ten, present you with only three ideas. Make sure you ask them to only produce the one in which you and your dentistry staff favor the most, but also persuade your agency to permit you to keep the other two designs just in case your favorite isn’t a hit. Remember, it’s all trial and error in regards to lifelong success.


  1. Provide Out and Retrieve Assistance from Persons’ in Connected Fields

A connection is always important when trying to grow your practice and gain great patients and believe me, it does take time, but once your establishment is built up, your practice will be set for life. If you know someone who is close to you that is a surgeon, hairdresser, nail technician and so on, a great idea would be to contact them, asking if you could have their permission to display your photo album of before and after shots of your dentistry work in their shop or office. Now, the key element in this type of marketing is to not simply ask, but offer a free service or a lovely discount along with asking permission to display in their shop. Let me give you a small example right fast. Let’s say, you have a friend that’s a hairdresser and you would like to display your photo album in his or her shop in regards to trying to attract more patients for your business. What you will need to do is offer he or she a free service, such as teeth whitening or a 50% off discount on his or her next cleaning in regards to letting you display your services inside the shop. It’s a winner’s strategy when you offer out free services or discounts and believe it or not, others tend to listen and cooperate better when they feel as though they can benefit from something, too. It works both ways.

  1. Get and Provide Assistance from Others in Dissimilar Fields

If your practice is set up around local businesses, such as fast-food restaurants, detailing garages and so on, it’s always an intelligent idea to go in and hand out a postcard or flyer that will display your dentistry services and always remember to offer some type of discount for new patients. It’s important as a professional that you always make potential new patients feel as though you’re not only a dentist, but a caring and loving individual who generally cares about the oral hygiene of all people and really, why else would you be in a profession if you didn’t care about oral hygiene to the fullest? Keep in mind that people running their businesses which are close to your office can come by after their own hours and get their teeth cleaned, so it’s quite significant that you let all local industries know that you are in business and offer out astonishing benefits, discounts and so on with postcards, flyers, and word of mouth. You could even walk over to some of the closer businesses, shake hands with the owner and speak face to face, introducing who you are, what your new practice is about and so forth. There are so many ways to gain and keep great patients.


  1. Continue to Be Up-to-date

Yes, style is important to your practice in regards to gaining and keeping customers because most all persons are visual learners and connect a lot better when they can see something; either good or bad. How would you like it if you went into an office for some type of procedure and the walls were outdated, paint chipped along the doorframe, the leather on the chairs were beginning to crack? How would that make you feel as a new patient? Those types of impurities will tend to make a person feel as though the office staff, along with the services offered are not structured, solid and most people would feel as though the procedure they’re there for will not be intelligently addressed and properly taken care of. Disorder in the physical format usually means that it’s constructed and designed from someone who has disorder inside their personal, as well professional lives. As a dentist professional, you need to have a spotless, modern, and structured office to ensure the luxury and trust of all patients who come in for procedures. It doesn’t matter if they come in dirty, that’s their problem, but you are a professional within the public eye and it’s your duty to make sure the office is one that people can brag about, feel comfortable with and more so than anything, an office in which people can feel clean inside of.