Dental Marketing – The Best Way to Get More Clients

With marketing changing and the Internet making it easier than ever to develop a brand and build a business, it is essential that dental businesses utilize the media techniques and marketing strategies available to them to maximize results. Dental marketing is a fantastic way to achieve more business, through the ability to improve your online referrals and obtain more clients, and with the proven methods you will be able to scale your business to the moon and back. However, online marketing requires a high level of knowledge and skill and it isn’t something you can learn overnight. Dental marketing is difficult and it can really benefit your business if you were to use a consulting company who can do all the hard work for you, getting you a positive ROI and a larger client base. However, a lot of people do not really know what dental marketing is and the benefits it can provide, so this article will describe dental marketing and list the benefits it has for your dental business.

What is Dental Marketing?

Dental marketing is a complex, strategic method that allow dentists to build their business and achieve more exposure, which can result in more clients, more referrals and, ultimately, more profits. The online marketing methods can include SEO, social media marketing or simple PPC ads. However, many consulting companies will knuckle down on one preferred method to boost your revenue, as practicing and utilizing all the marketing methods would be time consuming and may drain your budget. Dental marketing is very similar to digital marketing, and a consulting company would be able to provide you with the skills and knowledge allowing you to advertise effectively on both Google and social media, such as Facebook. Social media marketing is particularly huge right now and works for dentists perfectly, as you will be able to provide your audience and clients with useful information and tips on how to look after their teeth, what the best procedure is, etc. By doing so, you create a trustworthy brand and image which people will remember, resulting in a loyal fan base. Using an online marketing company would supercharge this process and you would be able to work on your business in the way you want too, and leave all the boring marketing to the team of experts you’ll have available for use.


Search Engine Optimization

An online consulting business may also specialize in SEO, and this is something that takes even more learning than online or social media marketing. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is a way to get your website ranking on Google, in turn, resulting in free, organic traffic that in most cases is targeted towards your business. The targeting, however, will depend on the keywords you are ranking for, and a professional dental marketing company will be able to identify the keywords you need to aim for and, using a range of strategies, will be able to get you ranking number one. SEO requires a number of specific skills, such as copywriting, backlink building and on-page SEO and this is something a dentist doesn’t have time for, using an outsourcing company is the best route to take for mass business growth.

How Marketers Use Online Strategies

There are a range of strategies and methods that a marketing company will use when advertising and boosting your business, and it can be beneficial to understand what exactly a consulting company can do for you. Some of these methods are more complex than others, and some will require a number of specific skills. However, here a number of methods used to get results from online marketing campaigns.

Social Media

Social media is something that everyone needs to be involved in, especially dentists. Social media is becoming part of our daily lives more and more, and Facebook currently has over 2 billion users worldwide, giving you a sea of clients and prospects just waiting to join your establishment. However, despite the fact that social media accounts have a lot of potential, many individuals and businesses will fail when it comes to adequate advertising, because they do not know the proven methods to grab attention and create a loyal following. With some online marketing companies, they’ll be able to take control of your social media pages and effectively promote them to targeted, relevant individuals so you get the best results. It is a marketer job to ensure you receive a positive ROI, and you will not be disappointed.

Dental SEO

Some specialist companies will be able you get you ranking on Google and, with the right methods and skills, they will be able to get you to the very top where you will reap the benefits of free, organic and targeted traffic that will result in more online referrals and sales alike. Dental SEO is even more complex than social media and it is important that you understand it can take years to finally perfect a strategy worth applying. With a dental marketing SEO consultancy, you will be able to leverage years of experience, the latest technology and friendly connections to your advantage.


This is always something that dental businesses get wrong, yet it is the biggest and most widely accepted concept in social media and digital marketing alike. Blogging is basically a way to speak and talk to your audience online through the written word, and through blogging you can create interest, loyalty and trust, especially when you are utilizing educational methods. Many businesses, especially dentists, will write a lot of fluff and will not target their blogs and content to a specific audience, which results in an untargeted campaign yielding little profit. Dental marketers will be able to write persuasive content that will engage your target audience and bring in more prospects and clients further down the line. It is all about educating your audience and adding value to their lives, and a digital marketer will be able to do just that.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been given a bad name even though it is statistically the best marketing methods for positive ROI, as well as being the best method for client-based businesses, like dentists. Every dentist should have an email list and even if they don’t, they could probably build something substantial from the collection of customer emails they already have. The point of email marketing is to keep in contact with your clients and to keep any warm prospects interested. That is the number one benefit of email marketing, the ability to keep in contact with individuals who have been previously interested in your practice, and this may result in a significantly higher ROI as these customers already know about you and need solutions. An online marketer will know how to keep your company on a prospect’s mind and to make sure they open your emails and engage with the content. Email marketing has been seen to yield a big profit, especially since leads can be obtained easily and email campaigns can be effectively managed.


Dental marketing is something that is new and something that practices needs to be part of. Dental marketing is a great way to boost your company and get more clients and referrals through online strategies that are tried and tested by a group of professionals. Online marketing includes a range of different methods, such as social media, SEO, blogging and email marketing, and many more if you want to dive into specifics. Dentists are in a competitive field and they will be needing the extra boost as competition increases, and dental marketing will be able to give your dental practice the exposure it needs to grow. Hopefully this article has helped you understand the important of dental marketing and why you and your business needs it.