How To Drastically Improve Your Dental Ads

One of the best ways to boost a dentist and obtain more clients and exposure on the internet is through advertising on platforms like Google and social media. Digital marketing is an effective way to build up a business, and it is particularly effective for dentists as it allows them to help people educate themselves about dental hygiene through content and educational marketing. However, many dentists do not know how to produce high quality adverts and there are a number of ways of developing your dentist adverts so they can achieve more exposure and attract more attention. Social media advertising is particularly complex as there are a number of ways you can target an audience to ensure you are reaching people who will be interested. This article will demonstrate how dentists can optimize their ads for maximum effectiveness.

Smart Targeting

If you are going to be adverting your dentist ad on social media, which is recommended, you will notice that there is the option to target interests and to choose an audience to advertise too. This is incredibly important as this will determine whether or not the audience who see your ads will be interested and will click-through. The best way to go about improving your dental ads is by using the audience insights tool which Facebook provides free for all of its advert platform users. This application will allow you to identify your ideal audience and through interests, you will be able to target them accordingly. Something that a dentist will need to perform is split-testing (sometimes known as A-B testing), and this involves running a campaign for a small period of time and seeing what the results say. It can take a lot of time and a lot of money to find a winning audience and a winning template, but once you do you will reap the benefits of more traffic and better conversions.

Measure & Optimize The Results

This relates to the above point of testing, and that is one of the benefits of going digital with dental marketing, as you are able to measure the results and track the progress of your campaign. This may sound a little trivial at first, but it opens many different doors when you compare it to more traditional methods, such as newspaper. The ability to track and measure your ads allows you to make changes to the next one and build and improve, leading to more conversions and better exposure in the long run. Dental ads can be designed differently and targeted to different individuals, and it is the dentist’s job to identify which advert and audience is performing the best and focus on them to achieve maximum results. If you plan on utilizing social media advertising, you will notice that Facebook gives you the ability to have your dental ads optimized for you. This can be achieved through implementing a pixel on to your site and it fires whenever traffic comes in via one of your adverts. Facebook will track the individual and show the advert to people of a similar description. Alternatively, you can use the knowledge and technology of a professional dental marketer to get you results, as this will be a much faster and cost efficient way to achieve greater exposure.

Quality Content

I think that most people who have heard of online dental marketing would have heard the phrase “content is king”, and it wouldn’t be far from the truth. This is because people come on and use the internet for information and tend to not come on to be sold too. You can use this to your advantage and through techniques known as content and educational marketing, you are able to seamlessly integrate your adverts in with the rest of the information on the internet, and this produces a less “salesy” approach. In addition, content marketing has the ability to build a loyal fan following, as a dentist would be able to educate individuals about how to improve their own dental hygiene and through becoming a reliable source of information individuals will begin to trust you naturally and share your content freely around social media with other people who will be interested, giving you targeted, relevant referrals. However, creating consistent content is something that may not be possible if you are a busy dentist, so it may be more appropriate to hire a dental marketing company to help you out.

Build A Brand

As with the other point made above, if you are producing consistent, high-quality content ads, you will be begin to develop your brand and promote your values and message. However, there is a way of developing your brand effectively with particular dental designs and logos, and you need to be able to develop an effective logo that presents your values and company message. Furthermore, you need to make sure that your dental logo is present in every piece of content and every email you send, and placement can include something as small as a little logo in the corner of you profile picture, or a logo in the header of your website which people can see instantly when they click-through your adverts. Brand development will occur naturally if you continually pump out high quality content, but people need a dental logo to identify with. Logos are difficult to develop however, and it may be more appropriate to use the professional connections of a dental marketer.


Digital marketing and social media offers many pathways for advertising, and it is no surprise that dental ads can be very effective when it comes to getting a loyal fan following and for building a brand. However, many dental businesses are unsure how to make an effective dental ad and it is important to understand the ways in which dentists can utilize a number of techniques to improve their advertisements. The main point is that the content has to be quality and engaging, as people come on to the internet for information as opposed to products. Do not forget to measure and track your campaigns and target specific individuals who will be interested in your adverts and business. Hopefully this article has taught you how to make an effective advert for online marketing.